Alexi Sokoll (ah-LEK-see soh-KOHL) is a character introduced in Grigory's Gadget. He is the son of Captain Edmund Sokoll and a member of his crew on the Ocean's Legend.


Alexi - Russian form of Alexis, meaning "helper" or "defender" in Greek

Sokoll - from Slavic meaning "falcon"


Alexi is in his early twenties. He has light skin, blonde hair, and blue eyes.


Alexi is the son of pirate captain Edmund Sokoll. Alexi's mother died some time ago as a result, directly or indirectly, of Edmund's abuse. His hometown is unknown.

After the protagonists of Grigory's Gadget join the crew of the Ocean's Legend, he starts a hesitant and complicated relationship with Anya Filipova.

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