Anya Filipova (Ahn-yah fil-LEE-poh-vah, alternatively AHN-yah fil-ih-POH-vah) is a protagonist introducted in Grigory's Gadget. She is an apprentice from Lodninsk, Morozhia who embarks with her friends on a journey to start a new life in Mirgorod, Vernulaia. On their way to their new home, their ship is attacked by pirates led by Captain Edmund Sokoll of the Ocean's Legend.


Anya- Russian form of Anna which derives from Hannah, meaning "favor" or "grace"

Filipova- feminine form of Filipov meaning "son of Filip", Filip being a cognate of Philip meaning "friend of horses"


Anya is in her early 20s. She is thin with golden-tan skin, light brown wavy hair, and light brown eyes.


Anya's hometown is Lodninsk, Morozhia. Her father and older brother died in a cave-in at the Lodninsk mines, which was caused by the Skarbniki revolt. Her mother died from a plague that swept through the city.

Anya has become an apprentice in multiple crafts including sewing and soldering.

She is in a somewhat complicated relationship with Alexi Sokoll.

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