Edmund Sokoll (ED-muhnd soh-KOHL) is an antagonist introduced in Grigory's Gadget. He is captain of the pirate ship, the Ocean's Legend. He kidnaps Zoya, Anya, Lilia, Demyan, and Nikolai and forces them to join his crew.


Edmund - from Old English ead meaning "wealth/fortune" and mund meaning "protection"

Sokoll - from Slavic meaning "falcon"


Edmund is a middle-aged man. He has thinning, light brown hair and piercing blue eyes. His right leg has been replaced by a mechanical one from the knee down. He wears an array of mismatched, though grandiose, clothing.


Edmund and his sister, rival pirate captain Snezhana Krupina, have long been seeking the Bronnerush. Edmund wants to use the gadget to enhance his notoriety and power.

The siblings tracked the gadget to Zoya's mother in Lodninsk, Morozhia. Edmund killed Zoya's mother when she did not produce the gadget. While fleeing authorities, Edmund betrayed Snezhana, resulting in her arrest and incarceration in the Lodninsk prison.

Edmund has a son, Alexi Sokoll, with whom he has a very turbulent relationship.

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