Snezhana Krupina (Sneh-ZHAH-nah KROO-pee-nah), née Sokoll, is an antagonist introduced in Grigory's Gadget. She is the captain of the pirate ship the Hell's Jewel.


Snezhana - derived from the Slavic word meaning "snowy"

Krupina - derived from the West Slavic word for "barley"


Snezhana is a middle-aged woman with short brown hair and blue eyes. Her left eye is covered by a black eye patch.


Snezhana and her brother, rival pirate captain Edmund Sokoll, have long been seeking the Bronnerush. Snezhana initially was drawn to the gadget's powers, but later becomes fearful of it and wants it destroyed.

The siblings tracked the gadget to Zoya's mother in Lodninsk, Morozhia. Edmund killed Zoya's mother when she did not produce the gadget. While fleeing authorities, Edmund betrayed Snezhana, resulting in her arrest and incarceration in the Lodninsk prison. Snezhana escaped years later and began seeking revenge on her brother.

The identity of Snezhana's husband is not mentioned in Grigory's Gadget.

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